Into the Rainforest

Trip to Munnar -July 28,2022

Stepping into the wonderland of rainforests of the southern western ghats was an unforgettable experience. Exotic and endemic species welcomes the nature lover with some fantastic wild experiences in the ever dwindling landscape. Seeing the Star eyed frog, False Malabar gliding frog, critically endangered Resplendent Shrubfrog, Jayarami’s, Dancing frog in their natural habitat was a privilege. The large scaled pit viper and the Gunther’s vine snake too made it special.

Trip To Agumbe

The pristine rainforests of the Western ghats is an absolute paradise for creatures that are small but has a significant impact on the ecosystem. Lizards, Frogs, Snakes, and countless other insects sing the rain song and shows exemplary adaptation to the ever changing environment.

Kalinga Mane is situated near the Agumbe ghat and on the fringes of the heart of the rainforest. The property is basic but very convenient and nature friendly. With monsoon rains for company, I spent my time walking around the tracks and small streams around the property, with a company of a trained guide, looking for Frogs and other denizens of the rainforest.

  1. Roux’s Forest calotes – Forest Lizard
  2. Knob Handed Shrub Frog
  3. Cat Snake
  4. Bi-coloured Frog
  5. Golden Frog
  6. Dancing Frog
  7. Moth and Caterpillar

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